Mariah Rafaela Silva

Mariah Rafaela Silva (she/her) is a black transgender woman and lives in the periphery, graduated in art history at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She holds a master’s degree in history, theory and criticism of culture at the State University of Amazonas and a PhD in Communication at the Fluminense Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mariah has more than 13 years of experience with civil and social rights movements and organizations. She studied Gender and Migration at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and did field research during her masters at the International Slavery Museum. As an activist, teacher and researcher, her subjects of study focus on violence and the production of subjectivity in the global south, racism and LGBTIphobia in the social media, promotion of human rights in favela territories, art and sociology, and digital citizenship for LGBTI black persons. Her research led her to develop studies and works in England and in the Amazon region of Brazil.

Mariah is the author of several publications in Brazil and abroad, in the most varied fields of knowledge, such as the arts, culture, pedagogy, sociology, philosophy and, mainly, in the field of promoting the human rights for black and LGBTI persons.

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