Our Approach

The human rights culture is formed by individuals whose rights are threatened, violated, or otherwise non-existent. We believe that social change begins at the local level, and is strengthened through alliances between people and organizations that share the same needs, values, and experiences. Our work is guided by the principles of equality and diversity and the goal of making sustainable long-term structural changes.

  • Seek justice for victims of human rights abuses.
  • Work to promote racial, ethnic and gender equality and the rights of people who face discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Help to empower individuals and communities to achieve structural changes.
  • Strengthen the capacity of our partners to monitor and document human rights abuses and make recommendations at the national, regional and international level.

Our team includes a group of lawyers specialized in international human rights law and with vast experience in litigation before human rights protection mechanisms at the regional and universal level. Learn more about our Legal Program.

Join Our Efforts

Help empower individuals and communities to achieve structural changes in Latin America.